In 2007, Mark Schuh saw a special opportunity to provide a niche service that was going to change the way people experience quality whitetail hunts. Through countless hours of hard work, planting food plots, scouting land, and studying whitetail behavior, Mark began to create a hunter’s paradise. With the help of landowners, family, friends, and neighbors, Schuhter’s Outpost began building its name and reputation.

Mark started by remodeling an old granary shed into a full service rustic hunting cabin, while retaining the traditional “hunting shack” atmosphere. He spent countless hours in the field observing, scouting, and preparing hunting properties for clients who demand the absolute best. The deadly combination of quality management, strategic food plots, waterholes, stand-locations (and access to them) has created top-notch trophy whitetail hunting.

Schuhter’s Outpost now has access to nearly 2500 acres of intensely managed property in the heart of Buffalo County and Southeastern Minnesota’s finest whitetail habitat. Every year the quality of bucks and hunting goes up.

Between 2009 and 2010 hunter success rate was an overall 68% as well as an 82% kill opportunity and a 151” average. In 2011 the kill opportunity was an overwhelming 88% with a 156” average. This has been accomplished through low-pressure hunting, low volume clientele, and hunting specific farms and stands when conditions are right.