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2018 Velvet Bucks

2019 is shaping up to be one of the best hunting seasons to date and the bucks at Schuhter's Outpost are proving it. The amount of antler growth has been phenomenal. The deer have been blessed with three years of mild winters, allowing their bodies to recoup and put their growth to what all trophy buck hunters obsess about, their antlers. If there has ever been a year to book a Midwest trophy whitetail hunt, 2019 is the year to book!

Exclusive Hunt with Larry Smith Outdoors

Larry Smith, from the unique television series, Larry Smith Outdoors will be hunting with Schuhter's Outpost this fall.

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Latest Trophies

Take a look at our latest Trophies to see what’s been going down at Schuhter’s Outpost.

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2018 Trail Cam Pics!

Take a look at all the 2018 Trail Camera Pictures to get you excited about 2019!