I want to thank ya’ll for a great time. Mark…I was not only impressed with Deer Camp and your culinary skills, but your knowledge of hunting in general. As always, I came away with much more than a nice set of horns and memories. I learned a lot about hunting true “free range” whitetail that are not conditioned/programmed to abandoning their natural instincts.

Peter Velasco
San Antonio, Texas

I have hunted with Mark three times, even though I have yet to score on a deer of my dreams I know Mark will make that a reality one day. Mark is informative and honest about what he has on his cameras and doesn’t play favorites to particular hunters. All hunters will get equal chance at the monsters he has on his farms. The stands are secure, comfortable, and placed in the right spots for shooting. Mark is a very personable host and the food is great. The meals are rib sticking and the beds are comfortable. One of Mark’s best traits is how good of a teacher he is. Not all of us have lived with these kind of bucks our whole lives and Mark is good about educating hunters not to educate bucks. I have had the opportunity to see some real giants and one day they will make a mistake. My phone number is 989-662-2122

Scot Gatza
Auburn, Michigan

I had a great time turkey hunting with Mark Schuh at Schuhter’s Outpost. Mark is very knowledgeable both as a hunter and woodsman. He has access to some of the most beautiful country I’ve had the opportunity to turkey hunt and he knows this area very well. The accommodations were amazing to top it all off I scored on a great gobbler. If you’ve never hunted western Wisconsin turkeys you don’t know what you’re missing! I highly recommend Mark as his passion for the outdoors comes through in everything he does.

Brandt Detmers
Lansing, Michigan

Mark, A quick note to let you know what fantastic hunt I had with you last fall. The accommodations are great, lots of Big Bucks, good comfortable & safe stands, very smart stand setups and most important, you are not letting your properties get over-hunted! Thanks to your efforts on big buck management. Thanks again for a great hunt.

Myles Keller