We Are Different

Mark specializes in hosting world-class hunting to a small client base. From personal experience, Mark knows low pressure and low volume result in a higher quality experience. By not over-hunting properties, and minimizing pressure, it allows natural year around movement (bedding to feeding). By keeping groups small, it allows Mark to spread hunters throughout the hunting season, focusing on prime hunting periods and allowing properties to be untouched, rotated, and not over-hunted. Mark’s goal is to earn your trust and build a lifetime relationship through his knowledge and developed understanding of whitetail behavior. He has a rooted passion for whitetails and nothing pleases him more than making your hunting dreams a reality. By booking a hunt, you’ll experience first hand how dedicated Mark is in providing you the hunt of a lifetime. Not only in the field but also at deer camp.

At Schuhter’s Outpost, Mark feels it’s extremely important to offer a personal experience with a deer camp that preserves hunting traditions and old-fashion camaraderie. When you’re here… you’re family, and together it’s something we can both look forward to year after year.